This site is Fun very user friendly and easy to earn money on. These are the most recent payments I have received from this site. And there is much more site info below the proof!

latest payments
Hi, folks I'm sorry this is a little sloppy. This is a site I had joined then kind of forgot about and am now back active again.

Let me fill you in on Paid The Fastest:
This is a free to join GPT site.

Are you familiar with GPT? A brief explanation:

At a GPT site you are paid by advertisers for completing offers. offers equate to tasks.
IT maybe signing up for a newsletter, taking a quiz or survey, or taking a trial of a product.
The amounts you are paid vary depending on the advertiser and the task.

As you can see above the payments I received were from They own a network of GPT Sites of which I believe Paid The Fastest is the best!
It is important to note that the same outfit operates more than one site as most offers are only good once per household,
and the sites have mostly the same offers.
The most offers are available to people from the U.S.A. and Canada.

I have not come close to earning what I could have from this site. I just haven't been all that active as you can see from my payments above. Now you my not get rich from this site but what you earn is up to you. It is a great way to get seed money for other opportunities or just put a little extra in your pocket. you can request payment daily to your paypal account or weekly to amazon gift cards.

There are always exciting contests and promos going on. Always great games to play.
And if you need help you can always find it in the chat.

Join us today... After you have signed up check out the offer help section for tips on how to get started and you will be well on your way to some fun and exciting earnings.

Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Welcome once again.   Wow I need to be more active.
I just wanted to let everyone know that there  have been quite a few great offers added to the site since my last post.  I have a lot of projects going on at the moment and don't seem to get everything I want done.
Any way aside from new offers I should also mention the weekly and monthly jackpots.  These are simply amazing and one of the features that makes PTF The best!  You can complete offers to earn jackpot entries, or trade in points for jackpot entries.
A quick tip: always remember to clear your cookies before each offer.
Thank you all and good luck to everyone!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hello,   I  wanted to let everyone know about  one of my favorite sites.  I  love this site although  I have not been very active.
I have posted my most recent payments above.
This site offers much more than a typical GPT site. There are great games  and a whole social network connected with it. 
It is early in the morning and I am still sleepy so that is all I have for now.